Exchange rules

Cooperation with the service formalized by an agreement that reflects the rights and obligations of the parties. The presence of an official document excludes unsubstantiated claims and disputes.
1. Contract participants

The parties to the agreement are: on the one hand:, hereinafter referred to as the Service, on the other hand, the person cooperating with the service, hereinafter referred to as the User.

2. Concepts used in this agreement

the service in the document is an automated web product that will be provided based on this document. The user is the other party to the agreement, the person who accepted the terms of service. The agreement of the electronic payment system with the User contains the scope of rights of claims and other rights. It is designated by accounting units, for which the document uses the term «Electronic units». A request is information that a user who intends to use the services sends to the Service in electronic format. It reflects the resource conditions that the User accepts.

3. Subject of the agreement

The user, using the functionality of the Service, submits an application in which the Service is charged with making transactions with a certain amount of «electronic units». The service accepts «electronic units» and sells them on its own behalf to individuals who want to make a purchase for a corresponding fee. The monetary value that the User intends to receive for the product is reflected in the request. Funds received for the transfer of «electronic units» are transferred to the details specified by the User in the application. The service can sell the product at a cost exceeding the amount specified by the user. In this case, the positive difference is a premium payment, Commission for services, and is transferred to the Service account.

4. Contract validity

The contract is concluded in the form of a public offer. The basis for drawing up a document is an application in which the User agrees with the proposed conditions. Registration of the application states the fact of the User’s intention to use the services of the Service, preliminary acquaintance and agreement with the terms of cooperation. Upon completion of the registration of the application, its sending, the actions of the User are recognized as complete, the consent to pay for the service is recorded. The service automatically registers the time, date of acceptance, and the formation of an application. The User who has issued the application is given 30 minutes to accept the offer. The moment the agreement enters into force is the receipt of «electronic units» from the User to the service details. The amount is reflected in the User’s application. The Service has developed regulations, rules on the basis of which the accounting of transactions performed with «electronic units» is carried out. The document is terminated with the execution of the subject of the contract. Either party can terminate this agreement. The conditions for early termination are listed below.

5. Additional conditions

5.1The condition for the termination of the contract by the Service unilaterally is not the receipt of «electronic units» from the User within the period specified in the conditions. The translation will take 30 minutes. If during this time the User has not received the «electronic units» specified in the application or notification of the delay, reasons, the contract is considered not to come into effect. When «electronic units» are received by the Service after the above actions, they can be returned to the sender’s details. Payment of the commission fee for the completed transfer is carried out from the funds of the User.

5.2The receipt of «electronic units» for the details of the Service must be made in the amount specified in the application. If the volume of actually translated «electronic units» differs from the declared one, the Service considers this to be an order of the User to perform the recalculation. Accounting will be kept at the actual amount. The difference in declared and actual indicators is admissible up to 10%. If the deviations in the data specified in the application and the real amount are exceeded, the Service has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract, refuse to fulfill the application, return the received «electronic units» to the User’s details or request documents confirming the transfer from the client. Payment of commission costs for the transfer is made from the funds received from the User.

5.3The user has the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally if the payment details specified in the application have not received the monetary equivalent of the electronic units sent to the service within 24 hours. If funds are not sent, the User has the right to cancel the submitted request and request the return of the listed «electronic units». The service is obliged to cancel the request and return the «electronic units» received from the User, if the monetary equivalent was not sent to the specified banking details within the allotted time. After receiving the User’s request to cancel the application, the Service must perform this operation and send the user’s «electronic units» to the User’s details within 24 hours. If there are delays in their transfer that are not the fault of The service, the Service is not responsible for them.

5.4The service is not responsible for transferring funds to banking details that do not belong to the User, if this is the result of an error in the registration of the application. In the event of damage or adverse consequences resulting from incorrect information specified in the application, the responsibility falls on the User who made the mistake.

5.5In the request, the User specifies the payment system that will transfer funds. If the money was not credited to the User’s Bank details or there was a delay in transfers due to her fault, the Service is not obliged to compensate for the damage caused. The user must submit appropriate claims to the payment system and demand compensation for damages. If necessary, the Service can provide legal assistance to the user.

5.6Upon detection of interference in the operation of the program code belonging to the service, fraud with communication flows directly or indirectly related to a specific User’s request, attempts to fix the rate with a delayed execution date, its execution is temporarily stopped. The service performs recalculations of parameters by means of funds transferred by the User in accordance with the conditions prevailing at the moment. If the User disagrees with the recalculation, the service agreement is terminated by the Service unilaterally, the funds are returned to the sender’s details. Payment of the commission fee for the completed transfer is carried out from the funds of the User.

5.7By accepting the terms of Service, the User agrees that the responsibility assigned to the Service is limited to the funds sent by the User to fulfill the subject of the agreement. The service does not give additional guarantees to the User and does not bear additional responsibility to them. Similarly, the User does not bear any additional responsibility to the Service.

5.8By entering into a contract with the Service, the User Undertakes to comply with the rules and regulations established by law. The user is responsible to the Service for negative effects on the functions of the program code, falsification of communication flows.

5.9You can study the terms provided by the Service for exchange in the «Questions» section.

6. Force majeure situations

In the event of force majeure circumstances that do not allow the Service to fulfill the obligations reflected in the contract, the deadline for their performance is shifted for the period of elimination of objective obstacles, these include unscheduled technical work of third-party payment services. In cases of a sharp change in exchange rates on trading platforms, which may lead to interruptions in the stable operation of the parser — the service has the right to refuse to provide services, return funds to customers, postpone processing for an indefinite time, until the site is temporarily closed.

7. Warranty period

the warranty period for services provided under this agreement is 24 hours. The countdown starts from the time when the Service fulfills the subject of the agreement.

8. Submission and acceptance of claims, resolved disputes

if there are claims under this agreement, the User must send a message to The service details in the «Contacts» section containing the essence of the claim. The Service resource contains the address where claims are accepted in electronic format.

9. The legal status of a contract

by entering into a contract, the parties recognize the legal force of an electronic document, which is equivalent to contracts drawn up in writing.

10. Rules for conducting exchange operations in the service

10.1By accepting the terms of service, the User agrees to the prohibition of performing illegal, fraudulent operations. If the fact of using the services Of the service for the exchange of illegal funds is detected, prosecution is carried out, and the violator is punished according to the law.

10.2The service administration has the Right to report illegal actions to law enforcement agencies and payment systems. If the facts of fraudulent actions are proven, the Service provides the necessary information at the first request of the victims.

10.3If there are suspicions of money laundering obtained illegally, the User must provide the Service with a document identifying their identity.

10.4By entering into the agreement, the User undertakes not to cause interference, not to interfere with the hardware or software part of the Service, and not to distort the parameters that are transmitted to the Service.

10.5The lack of confirmation from the payment system, funds, communication with the system, and errors in specifying details do not allow the Service to automatically complete the payment. In this case, the transaction is carried out within a day or the funds are returned with a deduction of the payment system’s Commission.

10.6In the case of a cryptocurrency exchange, if the market value changes by 2 or more percent before the funds are received, the exchange service has the right to recalculate the rate in the application for the current market one or make a refund to the client.

10.7The service administration has the Right to refuse to provide services to customers without explaining the reasons.